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Do you get tired of thinking how you will clean your duvet? Well look no further, we are here to help. Having industrial machines can aid in the process of clean ducets. Our machines helps in cleaning the duvets thouroughly inside and out, thus, assisting to destroy dust mites. Also cleaning duvets properly helps to eliminate allergens which are produced by mites. We offer a 48 hour service which can be picked at your convenience.

Duvets Prices

Item/Garment Price
Mattress Topper SG 20.00
Mattress Topper KS 30.00
Mattress Topper DB 25.00
Duvet Single 12.00
Duvet King Size 16.00
Duvet Double 13.00
Duvet Double 13.00
Blanket 11.00
Bed Spread 11.00
Beau duvet 17.00



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