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Mayfair Dry Cleaners

Mayfair Cleaners offer a wide range of services such as laundry and ironing services, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, wedding dress cleaning and suede and leather cleaning  within the Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, East Kilbride and Southside of Glasgow region.

For over 20 years `Mayfair Cleaners` have been providing specialist dry cleaning services within the Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, East Kilbride and Southside of Glasgow region. Through a combination of investment in the latest technology, using the best available solvents and chemicals and by employing skilled employees we provide an unrivalled level of performance and service.

Purchased in 1998 we have rapidly become a well respected dry cleaning and laundering company with a wide range of clients.

Services offered


Mayfair Cleaners, 36 Kirkton Park, East Kilbride, Tel: 01355 221401

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